Religious instruction


Religious instruction

Queensland state schools embrace a multitude of cultural, religious and non-religious beliefs. Under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006, schools are to provide Religious Instruction (RI) if approached by a faith group seeking to provide RI and students of that faith attend the school.

RI informs students about the beliefs and values of a particular religion. It is delivered by volunteers of a faith group using instructional materials approved by that faith group. RI is required to be consistent with legislation and Department of Education policies and procedures.

All RI instructors must hold a blue card and participate in compulsory Student Protection and Code of Conduct training. RI instructors are only entitled to deliver the RI program outlined below. A school staff member will be present during the delivery of RI.

Participation in RI is not compulsory. Any student (except Prep students) may participate in RI if a parent has provided written instructions to the school.

Students are allocated to RI based on information provided by parents on the completed Application for student enrolment unless other written instructions have been provided to the school.

Note: This consent remains in effect unless the parent informs the school otherwise in writing.

A description of the RI available is provided below.

Co-operative Christian Religious Education (CCRE) occurs when churches of all Christian denominations work together in State primary schools to teach an agreed RE syllabus explaining and exploring Christian beliefs and practices. Co-operative Christian RE is offered to all students from Years 1 to 6 for a 30-minute period each week, and is taught by a Religious Education teacher who is accredited by a church minister and approved by the school principal.

At this and other State primary schools in the area, there is a ministry agreement signed by most of the local church leaders which outlines the aims, goals and guidelines for the teaching of CCRE. The common RE program selected ensures the lessons are conducted in a non-denominational way, giving basic Christian teaching from bible stories and examples, encouraging the children to develop their understanding of God and how this then may apply to their lives.   ​

Emphasis is also given to the development of life skills and socially helpful behaviour, consideration with caring attitudes, co-operation with the respect for others and their property, an awareness of their own self-worth and satisfying their need to be valued. Hopefully, the experience of CCRE could be seen to enhance the spiritual, social and individual lives of the students.

Other Instruction

Students who are not participating in RI will be provided with other instruction in a separate supervised location. Other instruction must relate to part of a subject area already covered in class and may include:

  • personal research and/or assignments
  • revision of class work such as creative writing or literacy and/or numeracy activities which could include online programs currently accessed by the students of that school (i.e. Mathletics, Reading Eggs)
  • wider reading such as independent reading appropriate to the student

Parents will be advised of any changes to the RI and other instruction programs to ensure they are able to make an informed decision on their child's participation. 

Last reviewed 25 August 2021
Last updated 25 August 2021