Principal’s Welcome


​​​​​​The William Duncan State School vision, ‘A United School of Excellence’ is founded upon our relentless focus to ‘do whatever it takes’ to support students achieve excellence. The notion of ‘excellence’ is achieved through continually engaging in professional learning, reflection and sharing of best practice. Our highly skilled workforce is committed to inspiring all students to achieve success.

The school aims to support all learners to be highly successful. Students at William Duncan State School will achieve excellence through the implementation of effective whole school approaches that align to the specific educational needs of our students and their families. Improving the academic standard of every student in every classroom will be closely monitored by our workforce and leadership team. The establishment of measureable individual literacy and numeracy targets for each individual student will help advance this core component of our future success. These targets will be shared with parents in a quest to further promote our students’ achievements.

William Duncan State School is fortunate to have a very dynamic and highly successful Musical Department. These enthusiastic team members inspire students to master new skills and provide them multiple opportunities to develop their confidence through participating in many community showcase events. The William Duncan State School community is extremely proud of our students’ musical achievements.
Our highly regarded, dynamic school provides an inspiring, inclusive, stimulating and safe learning environment. Our school has a warm and welcoming feel and is proud of our strong community connections. The future vision for William Duncan State School advances a strong concept of implementing highly effective whole school strategies that yield high levels of student accomplishments and outstanding achievements. Our school’s vision ‘A United School of Excellence’ will be achieved through:
Personalised Learning
We formally acknowledge our students’ parents as their first teachers and understand how important each parent is to the learning process.  Parents and families are recognised as integral members of the school community and partners in their children’s education. Our staff members appreciate opportunities to share common learning goals for each student and welcome any chance to provide parents with ideas on how to best support their child. We value transparency with all of our stakeholders and understand how important effective and timely communication is to achieving excellence. Our school believes in the power of strong collegial partnerships with other schools (i.e. Nerang Alliance) and appreciates the importance of sharing best practices and processes for our students.
Consistent Curriculum Programs and Pedagogy
We recognise that highly effective teaching practices are the key to improving student learning throughout the school. Staff members are focused on embedding a coherent, sequenced plan for curriculum delivery that ensures all students achieve excellence through a consistent teaching and learning experience. Our teachers are committed to working closely together to ensure all curriculum units and assessments are implemented in a consistent manner. Student achievement is confirmed through a very robust process of moderation and feedback is provided to all students to assist them to improve. We believe students learn best when they can make connections from their prior learning and evidence of the use of a set of common terms or common language is used across the entire school. 
High Quality Leadership
We believe each individual student displays unique strengths, interests and areas requiring growth. We value cultural difference and strive to implement curriculum offerings that promote the love of learning. The achievement of personalised learning requires a deep analysis of student capacity and a planned approach to achieve high expectations and success. Our staff members have a strong moral purpose to ensure the intended curriculum modifications and adjustments are aligned to the individual needs of our students. Teachers provide feedback to students on how to improve their work in timely and responsive fashion.  We strive to maximise learning for every student with particular attention being given to literacy and numeracy in our school through establishing a culture of high expectations and continual improvement.
Productive School and Community Partnerships
We believe learning is developmental and that aspirational student goal setting is fundamental to individual student success. Implementing quality leadership promotes positive student learning outcomes by ensuring learning takes top priority every day in every classroom for every student. We encourage our students to take learning risks to generate success. We acknowledge that leadership is everyone’s business. By everyone taking personal accountability for curriculum leadership, students will be engaged in an innovative and personalised learning approach. At William Duncan State School we have a strong belief that learning is a lifelong process. We are committed to implementing strong and focused leadership that supports all members of our school community to develop a culture of continuous improvement and success.
William Duncan State School reinforces the high standard that our community sets. Our school has a proud tradition of supporting each and every student to achieve their full potential by building upon the foundations that our students’ parents have laid. Our school supports and challenges students to achieve excellence in all that they do.
Mr Regan Gant
Last reviewed 08 December 2021
Last updated 08 December 2021